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Dr Sujata Hemrajani

Dr Sujata Hemrajani offers an affordable, safe, local comprehensive obstetric & gynaecological care at the state of the art St Vincent’s Private Hospital in Werribee. This is the only private hospital providing expert, comprehensive obstetric & gynaecological care to the residents of the Western Suburbs. I support the local private hospital, St Vincent’s Werribee as a woman who has undergone a complex pregnancy herself.

She had her twins delivered by Caesarean section at Frances Perry Private Hospital in Carlton in 2006, as there was no Private Hospital existing in the Western suburbs at that time. One of her twins required admission to the Special Care Nursery. She was discharged from the hospital after 6 days with one of the twins leaving the second twin behind at the hospital nursery. This necessitated frequent travel back and forth to see her baby in the nursery while leaving the other baby at home under the care of her mother and sister. During this period, the family experienced significant anxiety and inconvenience of travelling back and forth to the hospital as no such facility existed in the west. Opening of St Vincent Hospital in the West is very much appreciated.


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